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Image by Timothy Eberly

Your Coach

Adam Melnyk (ACC)

Adam Melnyk has over a decade of experience in mental health and addictions. He would say that he's "seen everything, and heard it all." He develops a creative partnership with all of his clients using servant leadership methods, which put you in control of how you approach your future. Using your input and goals, he'll help you develop a plan that prioritizes you and helps you achieve what you thought was impossible.

Adam Melnyk is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach and works to the standards and ethics of the ICF.  



Enough about us. 
What about you?

The people we work with never cease to amaze us with their ambition, drive and creativity. They are individuals that are always growing and creating communities around them.

We know that you are an incredibly talented person with so many skills it would make your eyes cross just counting them all! If your ready to harness those skills and start moving in the right direction, then take advantage of our free 30-45 minute consultation and let's talk about getting you the future you deserve. 

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